Friday, December 11, 2009

SharePoint Exception Occurred 0x80020009 (DISP_E_EXCEPTION)

My, oh my, will wonders never cease?

Have I mentioned how much I love SharePoint recently? Let me count the ways. And believe me, there are not 0x80020009 ways. In fact, I can count the ways on one hand. Sometimes no hands! :-)

For some reason, one of my SharePoint lists will not display in the customized Datasheet view that I created. The others custom Datasheet views on my other lists are working perfectly.

So I “Googled with Bing” for a solution and found that, lo and behold, I am not alone in the universe. Many, many more people share my woes with this error.

Some people mention that all that needs to happen is an IIS reset. Well that won’t work for me, since I’m at a very large corporation and I don’t know who the admins are nor do I even know where they are.

Some people mentioned problems with their custom web parts. No, no web parts here. The SharePoint site I’m working on does not allow custom code to be deployed to it. All I have to work with is SharePoint Designer.

Other people mentioned that it was the load balancer which was not configured properly.

Are you kidding me? One error has so many different causes? Do you think someone on the SharePoint team would think to provide us, the lowly end-users, with more of an explanation of where to look for the problem? (Before you mention reading log files or anything similar, keep in mind what I mentioned above: I don’t have access to the servers. I don’t even know where they are!)

Nice. Even though I initially found comfort in knowing that other people have encountered this error and have, in fact, found solutions, it seems that I may be all alone in this particular case.

I tried re-creating the view, just in case something mucked it up. You know, like those stray gamma rays that knock various electrons out of their paths inside your PC’s CPU which cause programs to run amuck. As you probably guessed, it didn’t work.

In fact, as of this writing, I still do not have a solution for this problem. I apologize if you have read this far expecting a solution. Or perhaps my prose caused you to skip ahead, which is good for you. The prose was good for me—it allowed me to vent some steam.

[I ended up deleting all items from the list, and the view started working. Or at least I no longer get the exception. Of course, there were no items in the list for it to display! Once I loaded it with data again, I started getting the same error. Other similar views don't give me this error. Perhaps it's a data issue.]

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